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October 2010

NBWA Convention: Costco, Craft and Care In The Air; A “Bitchy Bunch Of Unhappy People”?

Beer Marketer’s Insights: With volume tracking down for 2d-straight year and unresolved tensions between NBWA and suppliers over CARE Act, plus Costco-driven attempt to privatize/deregulate in Wash, not exactly a celebratory mood in Chi at this yr’s NBWA convention. Once again, NBWA leaders focused many remarks from big stage on threats to state-based regulation, assn’s […]

“Black Swan” Events Changing Landscape For Distributor Acquisition, Says Anderson

Beer Business Daily: We are “seeing new capital enter the industry and new players” which is bringing a “public company mentality” to the industry versus a “family business mentality,” said First Beverage Capital chief Bill Anderson in an NBWA seminar. It’s becoming “less about relationships” with a “greater emphasis on financial metrics and performance.” “Times […]

Three Game-Changing Distrib Transactions, Says Bill Anderson; “New Waves Of Capital” Comin’

INSIGHTS Express: So far in 2010, 3 game-changing distributor transactions announced, says First Bev Capital’s Bill Anderson at NBWA convention. The first, Ia Coke bottler Chesterman’s acquisition of 2 AB distribs, admittedly not approved and Bill didn’t even really deal with its implications. But it would be without any known precedent in AB system, we […]