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Distribution: Kemper Sodas Consolidates Network In LA, Northern Calif

Beverage Business INSIGHTS:

Thomas Kemper Sodas continues to refine its distribution map, now consolidating its LA territory with Haralambos Beverage while aligning primarily with Anheuser-Busch houses in Northern Calif. Haralambos gets brand that had been served by now-defunct Prestige and by Energized. In NorCal, brand will exit DBI on Jan 1 in favor of Bud houses like Matagrano in SF and ME Fox in San Jose, as well as non-Bud house Saccani in Sacramento. As reported, brand earlier exited giant Columbia Distributing in Wash/Ore, in belief it was important to get brand into smaller shops that might place more focus on key non-grocery accounts (BBI, Oct 5). It’s realigning network as it preps push behind new stevia-sweetened canned line, too (BBI, Dec 14).