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October 2013

Profile: Riding First Beverage’s Capital, Expertise, LA Kombucha Player Health-Ade Aims To Go Bi-Coastal; Painstaking Process, Regional Fruit Take Leaf From Fresh-Pressed Juice Cos

Beverage Business INSIGHTS: There may be lotsa little, local kombucha cos out there these days, but minority investment by First Beverage Group this month has eyes fixed on one in particular: LA-based Health-Ade (BBI, Oct 8). So what’s deal with co? Turns out it’s interesting bootstrap yarn. Which is not to say trio of founders […]

Pouring In Dollars

Los Angeles Business Journal: First Beverage taps maker of tea drink kombucha for its debut investment. By James Rufus Koren The late John Anderson earned the beginnings of his billion-dollar fortune distributing Budweiser beer, but his son Bill has turned his attention to lesser-known and less potent potables. For starters, kombucha: a fermented tea drink that’s […]

Duvel Moortgat To Buy Boulevard For $110-120 Mil; Biggest Craft Deal Yet

Craft Brew News: Belgian brewer Duvel Moortgat, which also owns NY craft brewer Ommegang and hi-end importer Duvel Moortgat USA, has deal to buy Boulevard based in Kansas City, creating a new US based company. Deal price is between $110-120 mil we hear, tho that’s unconfirmed by either party officially. That’s the 1st major craft […]

Boulevard Brewing Company And Duvel Moortgat USA To Combine In Mega-Deal

Beer Pulse: (Kansas City, MO) – In an agreement signed earlier this week, principals of BOULEVARD BREWING COMPANY and DUVEL MOORTGAT approved the combination of their US businesses. Boulevard, one of the largest craft brewers in the Midwest, and Duvel Moortgat, an independent craft brewer based in Belgium, will join forces to better promote the continued growth and success […]