[Blue Box]

The antidote to the average beverage industry conference.

An intimate, invitation-only event, [Blue Box] is a series of dinner and two-day conferences designed to bring together great minds from the beverage, food and technology industries as a means to encourage cross-pollination of ideas and spark creative conversations.

Held for the first time in Boulder, Colorado in May of 2015, the program featured short-format presentations by an eclectic mix of speakers and was attended by key influencers.

Please click here to view videos from [Blue Box] 2015.

The next [Blue Box] two-day conference will be held in 2017.  Dinners in 2016 were held on May 19th in Los Angeles and on September 13th in New York.

If you would like more information or to be considered as a guest or speaker to [Blue Box] 2017, please email charlotte@firstbeveragegroup.com. Corporate sponsorships are also available.