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The Future Of Craft Beer Through The Eyes Of Industry Pros

Earlier this afternoon, Brewbound held a small gathering of beer industry professionals in Southern California to discuss, what else, craft beer. Here are some notes from the talks (excerpt):

First Beverage Group CEO, Bill Anderson:

  • Read recently that it will take $1.5 billion in capital investment (read: expansion of brewing capacity) to grow craft segment from 5% market share to 10% market share so get ready to see more players getting into the game
  • Says there is no shortage in investors that want a piece of the craft beer pie. Hears from private equity firms once or twice a week about wanting introductions (doesn’t think they’re a great culture fit in craft industry so usually says no). Recently heard from large international company (they’re coming) and three “large family offices” in New York that want in on craft. Why so interested? They see huge growth potential in high-end and the allure of large iconic brands that are culture-impacting like New Belgium.