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Industry Members Meet At Brewbound

Brewbound News:

Last Monday, hosted a half-day conference discussing the craft beer space in conjunction with the bi-annual BevNET Live conference.

First Beverage Founder and CEO William Anderson discussed the key headwinds facing craft brewers as many startups look to secure financing and already established brands look to expand.

Anderson gave the audience a look at what the craft industry ‘was,’ and it ‘is now.’ He highlighted many key differences in consumer values that have helped to cultivate a renewed interest in craft beer. Chief among them was the shift from a brand image to a brand story and the attention to community and responsibility.

But Anderson also listed seven key headwinds the craft industry faces:

  • Rampant consumer promiscuity
  • High expansion capacity costs
  • Private label crafts on the rise
  • Duopoly pressures to sell crafts
  • Distributor limitations
  • Management skillset gaps
  • Generational transfers