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A New First: Oat Works

Entrepreneur-turned-investor Tom First is apparently going into the oat drink business with a product called Oat Works, a new health and wellness drink that uses a water-soluble form of oat fiber to provide nutritional benefits, satiety, and energy.

The product, which uses a Swedish ingredient called PromOat, currently has two flavors, pomegranate  and blueberry and mango and peach, although product photos indicate that two others may also join the line: chocolate and strawberry and banana.

First, who was a co-founder of Nantucket Nectars and other businesses before taking on the role of Managing Partner at First Beverage Group (founded by investor Bill Anderson, and not, as the name might suggest, Tom First), said he will be managing the product line through its production, later this month, and through its launch, which is planned for San Francisco.

At some point, he said, another executive will be added to run Oat Works.

Meanwhile, another First Beverage investment property, Purity Organic, has also begun to make some packaging and SKU changes with Tom First as a guiding hand.

The brand will debut new labels across its product line later this month, along with two new 12 oz. sizes: an extension of an existing apple juice SKU and a new orange juice, as well as two new flavors: orange mango and grape-ade, both of which come in a  16.9 oz. size.