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Heart-And Gut-Friendly Oat Beta Glucan Soluble Fiber Makes US Debut In Smoothie Line

By Elaine Watson

The first products in the US to be co-branded with a heart- and gut-friendly oat beta glucan soluble fiber called PromOat have been launched under the Oatworks brand.

A colorless and odorless oat beta-glucan ingredient from Swedish firm Biovelop, PromOat is gaining momentum because it can also help manufacturers reduce fat and clean up product labels.

Fat reduction, cleaner labels and novel applications

While oat beta glucan is nothing new, its use has historically been restricted to categories such as ready-to-eat cereals and snacks because of the strong color, taste and grainy texture imparted by the insoluble fiber and protein often remaining in ingredients after processing, claimed Biovelop director of sales and marketing David Peters.

However, Biovelop has tackled this issue by developing a patented method for separating the soluble fiber in oats as a colorless and taste-neutral powder, which means PromOat can be used in a far wider range of products from smoothies and juices to ready meals, soups, sauces, cookies, crème fraiche, mayonnaise and cream cheese, he said.

A natural emulsifier, stabilizer and viscosity modifier

He added: “Because it acts as a natural emulsifier, stabilizer and viscosity modifier, you can use it to replace starches, gums and stabilizers and reduce fat in things like ice cream while retaining a creamy viscous mouthfeel.

“This also means you can get a cleaner label. By using it in a mayonnaise you can go from 80% fat to something like 25%.”

The Oatworks oat and fruit smoothies will initially be launched in three flavors – Mango & Peach, Pomegranate & Blueberry, and Strawberry & Banana – and make cholesterol-lowering claims, said First Beverage Group, which is managing the Oatworks product line.