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Bill's Beverage Blog

The Lessons We Keep Learning

The article called “What Not to Do” was first published in February 2004, about six months before I started to plan to launch First Beverage.  The article details the 17 most common mistakes that start-up founders commonly make according to serial entrepreneur John Osher and the five things Osher believes every entrepreneur must do to […]

Alc to Non-Alc to Healthy?

Some of the more interesting recent beverage news has come from reports that Diageo bought a non-alcoholic brand called Seedlip in the UK and ABI’s venture fund purchased the low-alcohol kombucha brand called Kombrewcha.  ABI’s venture fund has also reportedly been looking at several other non-alcoholic investments. Why are they doing this? Are the alc […]

The Cycle is Getting Shorter

It used to be that the cycle for beverage brands, from founding to sale, took decades.  It took years of development, small sales, few team members, and deliveries out of station wagons. It took more than a decade for brands like vitaminwater and Honest Tea to reach their exits.  It took hand to hand combat […]

The Right Shoe First

When I had surgery on my right knee in 2013, I found it extremely painful for the first six weeks after the surgery to cross my leg and put the sock and shoe on my right foot.  I made a mental note and developed a personal mantra of sorts, “do the right shoe first,” and […]

The Consumer Rules

What’s been apparent for years in other industries is now becoming more and more clear in the beverage industry, and it’s this simple new rule:  it’s the consumer who’s deciding these days. It used to be the major suppliers had much more control.  Big advertising budgets were set, and there wasn’t all that much competition. […]